This program is uniquely designed for building the awareness of one's faculties namely Body, Energy, Agility and Mind. The program also empowers the knowledge of the relative strength of the faculties and trains the individuals with the optimal use of their strength. Our ambassadors work with the individuals to ensure the mastery of their faculties and achievement of their goals.

My Beam

Building Your Awareness

The training programs are designed to assist not only in gaining knowledge but also to raise your awareness about Body, Energy, Agility and Mind. After the program and following recommended practices you will be able to use the natural faculties with every twist and turn of life. You will be able to understand and create the outcome that you desire. You will always keep you in the state of joy 24x7x365...guaranteed.

BEAM Basic

The Basic Program is focussed in imparting the awareness of the strength of the natural faculties: Body, Energy, Agility and Mind. A conscious application of these faculties will tremendously enhance the potential to enjoy human life. You will discover that being human is the super state that one can seek. You will distinguish the lower state of life from the higher state and can lead self and others towards exploring the untapped possibilities. You will enjoy a corageous life realizing the limitless joy that every moment can present at your command. The words "Living in Present" will become a reality and everyday state. The relationships, success, health, wealth and prosperity will seek you out as you enjoy this extra ordinary state of bliss. Being ecstatic at all times will be realized as the standard.

BEAM Practitioner

Once you complete the BEAM Basic program you can select a personal coach. The coach will tailor the BEAM basic program uniquely for you to meet your personal needs. Coach will bring clarity towards your goals and establish key milestones to ensure a streamlined growth. You can contact your coach when you encounter challenging situations of life. Coaching will become a tremendous asset to assist you towards creating possibilities as you face challenges in life. You will be able to experience the empowerment as you navigate the course of life by effectively utilizing the strength of natural faculties.

BEAM Ambassador

After pioneering the ecstasy of life you may choose to share your knowledge, awareness and experiences towards empowering other human life. The BEAM Ambassador program will provide the necessary skills, tools and technologies by which you can conduct BEAM Basic and Coaching programs to others. Sharing knowledge is a blissful experience which enhances the potential and deepens the ecstasy. As you witness the outcome of the lives you touched, the deepened ecstasy will blossoms to an infinite state where no known substance or event can come closer to its level of joy. This ultimate state of experience will transform you to limitless dimensions and realizations.

Our Value

BEAM programs are tailored to your unique needs. Our efforts start at the individual level and then focus on increasing the effectiveness of team collaborations. The outcome speaks of exponential-fold increase in employee self-esteem and awareness resulting in highest productivity and faster achievement of organization's mission and vision. Our leadership programs imbibe the self-empowerment and developing the ability to visualize external factors "as-is" with no aberration. This ability will naturally result in bringing the strength in others and provide the leader a unique opportunity to enhance their strength. With a balance of Body, Energy, Agility and Mind you can enjoy a disease-free environment thriving with the creativity and accelerating your business to the highest possible levels. In fact, you will define the next highest levels for the rest of the world....Guaranteed....